Legal Processes

-Summons and Complaints
-Real Estate Amendments
-Land Court Processes
-Supplementary Process (in any amount) scales
-Small Claim Notices
-Notice of Show Cause
-MGL Chapter 239 Process
-Summary Process Summons
-Probate Capias
-District Court Capias
-Probate Court Process
-Domestic Relation Subpoenas
-Housing Court Papers
-Contempt Summons
-Preliminary Injunction
-Temporary Restraining Orders

Housing Court

-7 Day Notice to Quit
-14 Day Notice to Quit
-30 Day Notice to Quit
-Summary Process Summons
-Filing of Summary Process
-Pre-48 Hour Notice
-48 Hour Notices
-Notice to Terminate Tenancy
-Short Order of Notices for Injunctive Relief

Committee For Public Counsel Services (CPCS)

-All Subpoenas
-Summons and Complaints
-Domestic Relations Summons
-Subpoena Preparation Available

In accordance of MGL c.239 C.105 C.186 ss 11./11a.

Discounts offered for multiple units served.