Our staff having over 100 years of combined law enforcement service, we will provide quick, reliable, professional and due diligent services. You can call, fax, or email your information to us and we will prepare and serve all legal papers and make returns to the courts.

Si habla español le podemos ayudar.

Our Team

-Peter M. Derry Jr. Chief Constable
-Cornelius Carmody, Constable
-Scott A. Derry, Constable
-Ron Mariano, Constable
-Denise Lecuyer, Constable
-Richard Kalintowski, Constable

“I have been using Worcester County Constable for the last eight years. They have been very professional and I have been very satisfied with their service. I strongly recommend using Worcester County Constable.”
Elisa D’Amico
“For many years, I have successfully used Worcester County Constables for my service of process needs. They have always delivered quality, efficient, fairly priced service… even under tight timelines.”
Charles S Pavolis, Esquire
“I find them responsive and effective. They even help me get paperwork back and forth to the Court. This lawyer highly recommends WCCO!!!”
Jordana Roubicek Greenman